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Running through the Forest

It’s been a slow start to training for this ironman. The training guide’s instruction for the first ten weeks are vague and unstructured and I’ve found myself unmotivated to get out and do the six hours of running, swimming and biking that is prescribed. Yesterday, though, a friend and I went for a run through the forest. The trail we chose meandered up one side of a river, crossed a suspension bridge at the top and then followed the river back down the other side. Yesterday’s run was my third run in the past three weeks and I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to run the 8km route, that my friend would be faster than me, that the hill would be too steep, that my feet would hurt, that I wouldn’t be wearing the right outfit, that I hadn’t had enough water, that I’d gained too much weight over the winter. The list of reasons for not going on the run was lengthy. There were really only two reasons that got me out the door: I’d told my friend I’d go with him and I only have 27 weeks to train for the 42km marathon in Cabo.

A commitment. The motivating factor in any project. Relationships of all types certainly require commitment. Whether it’s a relationship with yourself, friends, family, coworkers – the commitment to participate in and nurture the relationship is paramount to its success. My former romantic relationship fell apart because I refused to offer a real commitment. I was constantly wondering whether there was something else out there. It’s an absolute truth: there is something else out there. The problem, however, is that by refusing to commit to a current relationship, I had no way of finding out what would happen within that. Without the commitment, we never got to learn how we could grow and support each other in the pursuit of our own goals.

With that in mind, my commitment to Ironman Los Cabos will grow and develop every day. I will nurture my relationship to myself and my relationship to the training by sticking with it and putting in the time to see what happens in the end. Yes, there will be other temptations, other trips, other adventures and other things to do every day that might seem better than this goal, but in the absence of commitment to the project, I will never have the satisfaction of achieving the goal.

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