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Set it and Forget it.

Incorporating indoor training

I’m a new advocate for treadmill and spin bike training. As an outdoor enthusiast, I never thought I’d say that but lately i’ve started to see the benefits of training on a machine. I can preset the speed intervals. There’s no excuse not to pick up the pace when the belt under my feet starts spinning faster. When the weather is inclement, it’s more efficient to jump on the spin bike rather than figure out what to wear for a multi-hour bike ride and a variable forecast. And finally, when I have to spend 10 hours running and biking each week, it’s nice to be able to multitask and tune in to the news or watch a show while I’m doing it.

Set it and Forget it

Much like cruise control on a long road trip, treadmill settings can be set and then forgotten. I can set my workout plan and then follow through on it. Sixty minutes at race pace is hard, but if I never adjust the controls, my legs and feet will get it done, even if my mind is protesting. The problem with training for something and forever wanting to be better, faster, stronger is that it never gets easier. Even as I get quantifiably stronger and faster, each training session requires a push to get even stronger and even faster. It’s painful. The treadmill keeps me accountable to my goals.

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