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Swim Training

Swimming is not my weakest event (running is), but I’m not the leader in the swim field either. My inability to win the swim is incongruent with my confidence and experience in long open-water swims. I swam a lot in high school. Most summers, I do twice-weekly 2000m lake swims. I just don’t seem to have the power or technique to keep up with the best swimmers in the triathlon pack. My intention over the next 90 days is to use crossfit to develop power and to use 6km of weekly swimming to make up the volume and drills necessary to improve swim technique. Here we go….

Offseason triathlon training is for strength building and swimming.

The strength will come from crossfit. (See blog post). The swim volume and technique will come from 6300m of swimming each week. Four-a-week for 90 days.

Cold and dark October is a great time to head indoors to the swimming pool. Training plan here.

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