Ashtanga Primary Series Resources

Why Ashtanga Primary Series?

You are not learning to be an Ashtanga teacher. So why is the Ashtanga Primary series featured in this teacher training program? Because it is an effective gauge of your present physical and emotional health.

The Ashtanga Primary series is the same sequence of poses done over-and-over. Day after day, you practice the sequence. No matter your attitude, no matter your fitness, the poses don’t change. The only thing changing is your attitude and physical vigor. The poses become a reflection of your constitution.

So we do the Ashtanga Primary series in Land and Heart Yoga Teacher Training not because it’s the “best” kind of yoga, but because it’s the handiest metric for keeping you accountable during the training. Some Ashtanga practitioners display incredible feats of strength and flexibility. A lot below videos feature lithe people with enviable physiques. Please don’t think you need to mirror those people’s appearance. The Ashtanga sequence is a mirror of your own fitness and attitude. Its power lies in its diligent daily practice. But you don’t have to look or be a certain way to participate. The Youtube videos below feature yoga students who have been practicing the Ashtanga sequence for a long time. But everyone shows up for Ashtanga with whatever their present circumstances.

Very advanced demonstration of Full Primary Series with Pattabhi Jois