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Welcome back to your mat. Wherever you are, find your way home to your practice.

Land and Heart Yoga is a complete system for living your best life. Weekly live yoga classes and 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

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Yoga is for everybody and the practice is portable. Live streamed classes will bring yoga wherever your adventures take you. Meet me on the mat for live online yoga classes or sign up for 200-hour yoga teacher training.

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200hour Yoga Teacher Training

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About Land and Heart Yoga

My name is Kate Covello. I created Land and Heart Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. My yoga practice is inspired by seasonal change and the power of the natural world. My intention is to train yoga teachers who can confidently describe yoga as an inspiring set of guidelines for coexisting with the world.

Your yoga practice is inspired by your life. Learn to describe the practice and feel empowered to create inspiring classes that stimulate joy, gratitude and equanimity.

Jump on to your mat and examine the essence of yoga.