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Land and Heart Yoga is for people of the wild. Feel deeply connected and grateful for the land you occupy.

Whatever your path, wherever you are, find yourself at home on your mat and on your land.

Land and Heart Yoga

Welcome to my website! My name is Kate Covello. I’m a yoga teacher, a student of the practice and an observer of the wild. I started teaching yoga in 2010 and created Land and Heart Yoga Practice in 2018. This website is a reflection of how yoga fits into my life. The practice of yoga provides me with mental fortitude, physical strength and steadiness of mind.

Practicing yoga provides me with the strength to overcome physical and emotional challenges. Teaching yoga provides me an outlet to share my passion for yoga. Writing about yoga is a way to capture the journey.

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Be a student of the land and an ambassador of yoga.

Land and Heart Yoga

What is Land and Heart Yoga?

Land and Heart Yoga is about figuring out how to take your practice off the mat and into your daily life. Learn the history, philosophy and practical application of yoga. This is yoga for your unique perspective.

Land and Heart Yoga Practice

Land and Heart Yoga

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