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Welcome to Land and Heart virtual yoga studio! Online yoga classes. Click on the schedule to sign up for class. Scroll down for class descriptions and prices.

200hour Yoga Teacher Training

Class Description: online yoga classes

Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is offered twice each year. Online and inperson.

If you’re interested in teaching yoga, this is the first step. The program is an introduction to:
philosophy of yoga
seva (community service)
kirtan (chanting)
eight-limb path of yoga
teaching to special populations
introduction to chakras
and more…
After completing 200 hours of training, you’ll be certified to teach yoga and you’ll have insight into which aspect of yoga most interests you! There’s something for everyone in this program.


One year+ of personal yoga practice
Curiosity about yoga as a lifestyle
An open mind about the many layers of yoga

This 200-hour program is extremely demanding, but the rewards are priceless. There’s opportunity for ongoing mentorship after you graduate.

Book a call to ask any questions! 200hour Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Standing Series

Ashtanga yoga is a set of standing and seated postures that are performed in sequence. We’ll do: opening sun salutations, standing & balancing poses, seated poses, backbends and inversions. Pranayama and chanting to open and close the class.

Online yoga classes

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