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Online yoga classes. Virtual yoga studio. Ashtanga, yin and kundalini yoga.

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Online yoga classes. Ashtanga. Yin. Kundalini. Meditation.


Welcome to Land and Heart virtual yoga studio! Online yoga classes. Click on the schedule to sign up for class. Scroll down for class descriptions and prices.

Class Description: online yoga classes

Yin and Guided Meditation

Yin yoga targets the fascia, ligaments and tendons. Each pose is held for 3-10 minutes. Yin yoga stretches connective tissue (between your muscles). The premise of yin is based on eastern philosophy of energetic pathways (chi, qi, prana) that flow through the body and assist in achieving mind-body homeostasis.

A guided meditation will round out this evening class.

Ashtanga Standing Series

Ashtanga yoga is a set of standing and seated postures that are performed in sequence. We’ll do: opening sun salutations, standing & balancing poses, seated poses, backbends and inversions. Pranayama and chanting to open and close the class.

Land and Heart Yoga. Virtual yoga studio.
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Online yoga classes

Virtual Yoga Studio
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