Wheel of Yoga – Week Two

Key Points

  • Transcendence is achieved by shedding the habits of the personality. Different versions of yoga arrive at this same conclusion.
  • Raja Yoga teaches harmony between self and surroundings. 
  • Karma Yoga teaches selfless service without expectation of reciprocity.
  • Jnana yoga teaches an understanding of the workings of the mind.
  • Bhakti yoga teaches devotion to love for love’s sake.
  • Hatha yoga teaches strength in the physical body.
  • Mantra yoga teaches sound and saying as a strategy for finding transcendence through meditation.
Read and Watch
  • Upload one video of yourself to your ePortfolio – take note of upload speed, time of day, sound quality, image, camera setup, etc.
  • Record answers to Wheel of Yoga Worksheet Questions
  • Take notes on the details of your community service hour.
  • Prepare a 15-minute yoga and/or meditation sequence that subtly reflects one type of yoga (raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, hatha, mantra). You’ll lead the YTT group through the sequence this week.
  • Find a 15-minute yoga video on one type of yoga (raja, karma, bhakti, hatha, mantra, jnana). Upload peer evaluation form on that video. (Yes! The teacher leading the class is now your peer. Welcome to the club!)
  • Reflect on Wheel of Yoga questions in Google Classroom.
Course Feedback

Complete Wheel of Yoga Feedback Form (quiz)