Wheel of Yoga – Week Two

Key Points

  • Transcendence is achieved by shedding the habits of the personality. Different versions of yoga arrive at this same conclusion.
  • Raja Yoga teaches harmony between self and surroundings. 
  • Karma Yoga teaches selfless service without expectation of reciprocity.
  • Jnana yoga teaches an understanding of the workings of the mind.
  • Bhakti yoga teaches devotion to love for love’s sake.
  • Hatha yoga teaches strength in the physical body.
  • Mantra yoga teaches sound and saying as a strategy for finding transcendence through meditation.
Read and Watch
  • Do two different Ashtanga practices
  • Practice Bhava Meditation (see Bhakti Yoga Section)
  • Organize a community service project for yourself.
  • Upload one video of yourself to your ePortfolio – take note of upload speed, time of day, sound quality, image, camera setup, etc.
  • Record answers to Wheel of Yoga Worksheet Questions
  • Take notes on the details of your community service hour.
  • Prepare a 15-minute yoga and/or meditation sequence that subtly reflects one type of yoga (raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, hatha, mantra). You’ll lead the YTT group through the sequence this week.
  • Share Peer Evaluation Form for one of your peer’s 15-minute yoga sequence.
  • Reflect on Wheel of Yoga questions in Google Classroom. Please post and respond at least once to each question.
Course Feedback

Complete Wheel of Yoga Feedback Form (quiz)