Karma Yoga

The yoga of action is karma. It is participation in selfless service without expectation fo anything in return. True karma is diligently doing your work without attachment to a particular outcome. Karma yoga teaches kindness and compassion without expectation. It is benevolent generosity of spirit.

As with all types of yoga, the intention is freedom from selfishness and release of the self-serving ego. According to the Bhagavad Gita, life gives infinite opportunities to act, but you must never allow yourself to be affected by the results. Karmic action is selfless contribution to the world without expectation.

Exercise: Community Service

For this program, you are assigned to one hour per week of community service (seva). Organize an activity for yourself. Doesn’t have to be complicated. Picking up garbage in your neighborhood is good enough! But it can also be as complicated as coordinating distribution of winter coats for families without adequate means. Whatever you can manage and that is done in the in the interest of selfless contribution without expectation.

Start your community service project this week and take note in your ePortfolio of the experience with pictures, video, or written reflection.

By taigapaws

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