Teaching Methodology

Key Points

  • The teacher holds space for students to do their practice. Teachers provide the framework; students have to do the hard work.
  • Sanskrit captures nuances of the practice that cannot be expressed otherwise.
  • Teaching acuity comes from three sources: guidance from your own lineage, personal practice and ongoing study of texts. Pay equal attention to each of these sources.
  • Themed yoga classes provide meaning and context to a practice.
  • Sequence from each category in the eight-step path: sun salutations, standing & balancing, arm balances, backbends, seated, inversions, supine, deep rest.
  • Provide assists/adjustments with the intention of compassion, rather than trying to improve your students’ poses. 
  • Consider creative formats for providing online yoga.
Read and Watch
  • Yoga Sutras: Book Three
  • Teaching Methodology section on Youtube and in textbook

Setting a theme: create a 15-20 minute sequence that is based on a particular theme. Use one pose from each of the eight steps. (see: Designing a Yoga Class. Use the eight-step path). Hint: expand on this theme/sequence for your final assignment. Upload the video link to Google Classroom.


Reflect on your voice and delivery used in your video assignment

Discuss and Teach
  • Together, we will practice each of your sequences.

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