Yoga Anatomy

Key Points

  • The subtle body consists of the chakras (focal points of energy), prana (energetic life force), nadis (channels of energy) and koshas (sheaths that connect the physical body to the subtle body).
  • Prana is invisible life force energy. It represents a distribution of energy in the body.
  • Koshas are sheaths that connect the physical self to the emotional self: body – breath –  thoughts – wisdom – bliss
  • Nadis are channels that carry prana through the body.
  • Bandhas are energy locks that control the flow of prana through the nadis.
  • The chakra system is a metaphysical model for understanding health and wellbeing.
  • Examining the subtle body with these esoteric ideas creates a map for understanding the connection between psychological, physical and emotional self.
Read and Watch
  • Yoga Anatomy on Youtube and in your textbook/online
  • Yoga Sutras: Book Two
ePortfolio and assignment
  • Find an online practice that you enjoy. Do the practice and consider how you applied the bandhas regardless of whether the teacher mentioned them. Post the video in your ePortfolio with a personal reflection of why and how to engage the bandhas.
  • Respond to the weekly questions in Google Classroom. Use video, photos or words to illustrate your answers. 
Discuss and teach
  • Choose one chakra. Create a 15-minute sequence of poses to illustrate the chakra. Hint: Skip ahead to the “Yoga Asana” section of your text and take note of your insights. Teach the sequence this week.

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