Introduction – Week One

In this lesson, you will discover the goal of yoga:

  • The goal of yoga is to find blissful awareness and appreciation of the present moment.
  • Yoga is the technique to understand the true self as characterized by an underlying layer of bliss. The true nature of bliss applies to all beings, but lives inside every unique body, mind and soul.
  • The elaborate process of yoga is an eight-step path to understanding the true self in relation to the universe.
  • Yoga is unique to every yogi. Teachers guide the way with a combination of experience and knowledge. Students interpret the practice in the most appropriate way for themselves.
Read and Watch
  • Set up a practice space for your five hours of weekly Ashtanga
  • Set up a meditation space
  • Submit to Google Classroom assigned questions about the practice space
  1. Choose a template for your ePortfolio. Get started early so you can record your journey through ten weeks of teacher training.

2. Record your three current reasons for teaching yoga.


Introduce yourself in Google Classroom

Share your three reasons for teaching yoga

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