Course Guidelines and ePortfolio

Yoga Teacher Training guidelines. This is the beginning of a big commitment to your practice – both in time and money. Online learning demands self-motivation to stay committed to the course. The following guidelines will ensure you get the most value out of your commitment:

Do your self-practice

The 90-minute Ashtanga session is essential to feeling connected to the content. Do your practice 2-3 times per week. Without the accountability of having to show up to a studio to do the practice, you must hold yourself accountable to your own practice. If you can attend a studio’s ashtanga practice, do that. If not, find an online practice that you like, or do the sequence on your own. Whatever it takes, unroll your mat and do the practice every day.

Self-practice is about 20% of the total curriculum. 40 out of 200 hours need to be devoted to self-practice.

Attend all live online sessions

Show up to our live online questions. Part of the program is about growing community and your contribution is indispensable! You can submit questions ahead of time and your questions will be answered on the weekly Zoom calls.

Contribute to discussion

Contribute to discussion forums and other collaborative platforms. The program is based on collaborative learning. Your unique perspective will shape your own learning and that of your classmates.

ePortfolio and Assignment

You’ll document your reflections, acquired knowledge, questions and videos in an ePortfolio. Choose an online platform to share your ePortfolio.

Assignment: Select a platform for your ePortfolio. The finished product is entirely up to your own creativity. Suggested platforms here:


The most customizable option for blogging. The options for formatting and additional plugins are infinite. I use wordpress to host my website and my learning management system (LMS). Free if you use their .wordpress suffix. i.e.

Wix: Lots of simple design options. Beginner-friendly. Unfortunately, once you choose a template you’re stuck with it and it’s difficult to migrate your content to a different website later on. Free if you use their .wix suffix. i.e.

Squarespace: Customizable options and easy-to-use page setup. Offers a 14-day free trial but after that you have to purchase a licence. Useful if you’re interested in setting up an online store or other business later on.

Shared documents

Google drive: A simple place to organize all your material. The most readily-available formats are charts (think Excel) and word-processing docuements (think Word). If you don’t think you’ll need a personal website (ever), Google drive will suffice to share your content for this course. Simple, straightforward.

Facebook Page

A professional Facebook page can help organize your brand’s content and get your name out there. Keep in mind that Facebook is saturated with brands, so if you’re a tiny brand, Facebook isn’t the most helpful way to push your content to a broad demographic. It is useful for sharing events and information with your own followers.


If you’re exclusively going to produce your content via video, Youtube has the broadest reach of any video sharing platform. Youtube’s platform is full of ads and their customer service is frustrating though. If you want a smaller video-sharing platform consider:


The free space on Vimeo won’t be large enough for all your videos (they only offer 5 GB free), but you can pay to upgrade for more space. Vimeo is a very appealing platform if you’re considering selling your yoga content online because it is exclusively available to your customers and the videos aren’t preceded by advertising.

Any other blogs, social media platforms, document sharing options you’re familiar with.

If you already use a particular platform to generate and share content, please use that to create your ePortfolio. Let me know if it’s a good one and I’ll add it to this list.

Need more help? You can book a call with me for one-on-one questions! I’m here to make sure you get the most out of your 200hour YTT journey.

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