I call this training Land and Heart Practice as a reminder of our connection to the land. Yoga transcends cultures and is practiced by all kinds of people because it teaches a universal truth:

We are all connected through heartfelt feeling to the land and to each other.

Whether that connection is in-person or online, you will examine your Land and Heart Practice by connecting to yourself and to your environment. You are participating digitally, but there will be opportunity to connect to your environment – whatever that may be! Backyard, patio, trail nearby….

How does the program work?

There are nine modules in Land and Heart 200hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Each module has a corresponding assignment.

You will find and submit your assignments in Google Classroom.

Each module has a corresponding set of asana (poses).

By examining one group of poses per module, you will enhance your understanding of how asana and philosophy fit together.

Online Yoga Teacher Training: use the power of global communication to analyze the ideas of yoga with people in different environments than your own.

Good luck in your Land and Heart Program.

Be receptive to new ideas and acknowledge every teacher with whom you come in contact. Your commitment to deepen your yoga practice and to teach is admirable.

Love and light will guide the journey, but be reliable and determined along the way. Do not make excuses for yourself.

Land and Heart Yoga


You’ll need a dedicated space to do your yoga practice.

Set up your mat and props

Set up your media where you will watch the videos

Do a sound check with the equipment you have for recording your assignments.

Your assignment is to take pictures of your setup.

1. How much space do you need to do a yoga practice?
2. What was most difficult about setting up the space?
3. Can you offer one piece of advice for someone else setting up a home yoga practice?

Upload the picture and your answers to our Google Classroom.

By taigapaws

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