Eight Limbs of Yoga

Key Points

  • Yamas are restraints. Suggestions for how to avoid causing harm to the self and to others.
  • Niyamas are habits. Tangible ways to create positive action and perspective.
  • Asana are postures. Do as many poses as you want, but pay attention to alignment and ease.
  • Pranayama is breath control. Harness the breath to temporarily silence the monkey mind.
  • Pratyahara is sense-withdrawal. Control reaction to external stimuli.
  • Dharana is concentration. Single-minded and rapt focus on intention.
  • Dhyana is meditation. Blissful non-reactivity to circumstances.
  • Samadhi is peace. The culmination of the yogic journey.
Read and Watch
  • Eight Limbs of Yoga Youtube videos + online/textbook content
  • Yoga Sutras: Book One
ePortfolio and Assignment
  • Six-day exercise on self-study: Judge, Recognize, Adapt. Record your six day transformation. 
  • Respond to all the weekly questions in Google Classroom. Use video, photos or words to illustrate your answers. ***participation in Google Classroom is mandatory. Your answers aren’t graded, but the discussion between you and your peers is central to the collaborative learning in online YTT
Discuss and teach
  • Choose one pranayama technique: practice-teach to yourself on video
  • Create a 20-minute sequence that represents ahimsa (non-harming) for yourself. Incorporate your pranayama practice. Don’t be too concerned about whether another student would like the sequence. This practice is for you. How do you protect your joints? How do you soothe your muscles? How do you move in a nurturing way? You’ll teach this sequence to the class. No peer-evaluation on this one.

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