The seventh limb, meditation,is a deep and lasting connection with universal consciousness. Meditation is the ultimate release of attachment, reaction and suffering. It is a state of tranquility. Likely, it’s but a fleeting moment of bliss and universal awareness, but with practice, the moment will extend to many more. With practice, yogis will learn to apply that blissful awareness and non-reactivity to situations on and off the mat.

“Meditation is a method by which a person concentrates more and more upon less and less. The aim is to empty the mind while, paradoxically, remaining alert.” (Clark, 1983) Dhyana is the process of shutting out sensory feelings, memories and conscious thought. Obviously none of these things are bad but their presence can interrupt the process of self-knowledge. The process of dhyana is part of the self-knowledge of the inherent and underlying nature of bliss that is true of all beings.

By taigapaws

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