Raja Yoga

Called the king of yoga, Raja yoga is inclusive of all yoga brands.

Raja yoga is a goal rather than a technique and teaches that the intention of yoga is to unite the self with the oneness of the universe.

Practice Raja Yoga any time because it doesn’t require particular mantras, poses or rituals. The absence of “process” means this type of yoga is accessible to anyone, regardless of training or knowledge of yoga.

Raja yoga devotees teach themselves to find harmony between themselves and the universe as a whole. They practice self-mastery by turning inwards towards love and light and eschewing external stimuli.

Raja yoga is the practice of turning inward towards love and light
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

Right now, close your eyes and listen to your breathing. Withdraw from sounds, smells and external stimuli around you. Without judgement, observe yourself. No blame if your mind doesn’t settle right away. Thoughts will arise, but regardless of what they are or what circumstances they represent, remind yourself of the following:

My freedom and well-being is not attached to any outcome.

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