The value of inversions cannot be understated. Benefits of active reversal include improved digestion, awareness of posture, improved strength and mental fortitude. Shoulderstand and headstand have been called the queen and king of yoga asana because they engage the entire body and demand acute concentration.

Active Reversal

The Sanksrit name for inversions – viparita karani, means active reversal. Upside-down poses build strong muscles and promote elasticity in ligaments and connective tissues while forcing the mind to concentrate on the present moment.

Good Posture

Inversions endorse good posture and reduced stress on musculature and organs of the torso. Inversions defy hunching, thus improving digestion, respiration and circulation.

Practice inversions with a sense of playfulness. They are challenging asanas but with infinite benefits. Inversions range from simple legs up the wall to advanced handstand, shoulderstand, headstand, and multiple variations of the three.

Key Word: Power

By taigapaws

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