Standing Poses

Standing yoga poses are usually done after warmup sun or moon salutations. Standing poses may be done on one or both feet and have a variety of benefits:

Promote Stillness of Mind

Encourage students to move slowly into standing poses, always being aware of physical limitations. Use awareness of the breath as a tool to find balance, stability and focus

Challenge and create balance

Standing poses provide a firm foundation from which to grow. Balancing on one or two feet creates the structural integrity and strength on which to develop the rest of the practice.

Stretch and strengthen lower body joints and muscles

Standing poses develop strength in leg muscles, increase circulation throughout the body and develop a long spine and a strong core.

Inspire confidence by energizing body and mind

For the subtle body, standing poses draw attention to the lower chakras, particularly muladhara, the root chakra. By representing a firm foundation and visualizing a connection to the earth in standing poses, students can empower themselves to meet the daily challenges of life.

Key Word: Strength

By taigapaws

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