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The world is a chatty place. Yoga is designed to be a collection of quiet, introspective moments. Unfortunately yoga studios are not immune to chatter. There have been times when I’ve wondered if it would be improper to wear ear plugs while in the studio?? I fear that sometimes yoga teachers forget the value of silence, and instead choose to instruct, direct, correct, and tell stories for the duration of the yoga class. All of this equates to chatter, and makes quieting the mind extra challenging for the practicing student. I understand the need for some guidance as the class transitions through the poses. I even understand the need for some reminders and tips on how poses should look. I do not, however, think that personal anecdotes and life-reflections are relevant in the yoga studio. I am confident that every person who steps foot into the yoga studio has a different reason for being there and a unique set of circumstances that brought them there. Beginner yoga practitioners, to be sure, may not yet know what to expect from yoga, but I believe that a quiet space will give everyone a chance to find their own reasons for practicing yoga. Ultimately, with a quiet space, everyone can find a quiet mind, if even for a moment.

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