Savasana & Transition

Savasana is the time at the end of the practice where students rest, absorb the benefits of the practice and prepare for transition off the mat and into the rest of the day.

The most difficult pose

Some lineages describe savasana as the most difficult pose of the practice. Lying down and resting without letting random thoughts run rampant is difficult. The point of savasana is to be physically still, prepare for psychological stillness and suppress emotional reactivity.

Props or not?

Use as many or as few props as needed to facilitate rest. The body should be comfortable so that the mind can rest. Use music or don’t; turn the lights out our leave them on. Cover up with a blanket or just lie there. Savasana is the least prescriptive of all the poses. The only objective is to feel comfortable and safe so that the monkey mind can quiet down for a few moments.

For how long?

It takes a lifetime plus an instant to achieve samadhi (transcendence). For a 75-minute class? At least ten minutes in savasana.

Savasana is the place to practice the transition between knowing and unknowing. Savasana is rest. After the rest, the transition from savasana and onto the day is a feeling of renewal.

Key Word: Rest and Renewal

By taigapaws

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