Teaching Meditation

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Teaching meditation requires patience and confidence: patience while students work towards their own meditative state and confidence to sit in front of a group and describe your personal experience.

Before teaching meditation, it is essential that you have your own regular practice and that you are clear on your reasons for meditating. It does not matter if your reasons are the same as your student’s reasons, but your confidence and personal belief in meditation will shine through in your teaching strategies. Teaching from a place of experience will inspire your students.

  1. Encourage students to find a comfortable seat. It helps to sit on a block, bolster of blanket
  2. Lead a breathing exercise. This can be as simple as counting out loud: “1, 2, 3” while students inhale, and then “3, 2, 1” while students exhale. Do 10-12 rounds
  3. Suggest a mantra. As you inhale silently say “right,” as you exhale silently say “now.” Inhale “let,” exhale “go.” Inhale “just,” exhale “this.”
  4. Instruct students to acknowledge any thoughts that pop into mind, then let those thoughts go. Remind students not to get frustrated if they are unable to let thoughts go – meditation is simply a practice; some days are easier than others
  5. After brief instruction and discussion, sit silently at the front of the room. By demonstrating how to sit still and quietly, and giving your students the freedom to do the same, you will inspire a meditative practice
  6. Allow time for questions. One question that often comes up is: how do I fit time in my schedule for meditation? Remind students that meditation can happen anywhere and for any length of time: all you have to do is sit down, stop talking and breathe (see also: moving meditation, available anytime).

You should not limit your meditation to only in the morning or only in the evening: you should do it any time, all the time.

Practice time is always now—it’s never in the future.
—Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

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