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Workshop: Yoga for Beginners

Have you been thinking about trying yoga? This spring, sign up for a six-class series that will demystify the language of yoga and give you the confidence to join any yoga class.

The practice of yoga can be incorporated into your lifestyle at any age and regardless of your fitness level. Experienced athletes and fitness newbies will benefit equally from these classes! Each class will include a challenging yoga sequence, time for questions and a discussion about how yoga benefits your body, mind and spirit.

Taiga Yoga, Yellowknife NT

Monday and Wednesday 7-8pm

June 4 – 20, 2018


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No More Zero Days: the 21-day Yoga Challenge

The Non-Zero Day

My friend recently wrote a very inspirational essay for reddit. He doesn’t know it, but I think about his comments every single day. The premise of his words? Do something, anything every day that is related to your goals. Do not let a single day go by where you do zero productive things. In other words, every day must me a non-zero day. Based on the popularity of the post, the volume of re-posts and the fact that you can google “nonzero day” and find his words, clearly the concept has resonated with a lot of people. It appears that many people suffer from zero days. I’m one of them. Less and less frequently as I age and mature, to be sure, but there were many days in my past where I did absolutely nothing. Nothing.

There have been many changes in my life that have led me to get up off the couch and do something every day, but no single activity or lifestyle choice has added more value to my days than yoga. Yoga is many things to me: a source of physical strength and flexibility, an emotional solace, a retreat from the world, a challenge, a passion. As a teacher of yoga, my goal is to share the value of a regular yoga practice with everyone who crosses my path. I know that there are infinite reasons to practice yoga and my emphasis is this: no matter what kind of yoga you’re doing, and no matter why you came to your mat, you’re doing it right. Yoga is the unity of breath and movement and that union can be fast and powerful or it can be slow and contemplative. Whether you practice for five minutes or for two hours, that time on your mat will be time well-spent and will meaningfully contribute to whatever physical, professional or personal goals you have. Yoga gives you an energetic physical boost and simultaneously offers a chance to clear your mind of clutter and make space for productive ideas.

Taiga Yoga is currently offering a 21-day yoga challenge. You come to yoga for 21 consecutive days between October 15 and November 4 and you will be entered to win a one-month unlimited yoga pass. Beyond the prize though, Taiga’s goal is to help you establish or solidify your own habitual behavioral patterns. In other words, by stepping on to your mat every day, you are creating a good habit which will have positive ramifications on all aspects of your life. As in, no more zero days.

Try it. Taiga has a wide range of classes to accommodate your schedule and physical ability.

As always, I can’t wait to practice yoga with you.

Here’s a link to the original article on Reddit. The article is raw and unedited, but is heavy-hitting and affecting. Read it.

Here’s a link to Taiga Yoga’s website, including an up-to-date schedule and information on the 21-day yoga challenge.